How We Work? Great Question!

Step 1: Free Initial Consultation

Every project we do begins with this step. You are in the creative seat! You describe your objectives, your budge and your timeline. We evaluate if we can provide a solution that fits all of these categories. This step enhances our opportunity on deciding whether we make a great team. Sometimes (not very often) projects are very large or complex. This will be ruled out during this step.

Step 2: We Do Requirement Assessments

This is the very first step in every project. Often it's part of or all of the project we take on. Our process involves doing a thorough and extensive analysis of your business practices and issues you want to address. The end result is a detailed game plan outlining the solutions and objectives we will be solving

Step 3: We Outline Solutions & Estimate

Our objective is to layout a clear objective with an end goal in mind. Once we agree on the goals we create a layout and timetable of events and when they will occur. We understand that projects often come with issues along the way.

Step 4: Action Plan

After our initial assessment and our outline is complete, we being to layout the plan of action. This varies depending on the scope of the project. It is important for us to create a precise picture of the amount of work needed and the detail of the project. We want to ensure each task is accomplished and update our clients daily and weekly. If any changes occur we want to address these immediatly. We have an approval process that is efficient

Step 5: We Work Our Magic

This is the part where we work hard updating you throughout the project. We detail our work and keep you posted daily and weekly with our work completed and upcoming tasks. This provides a clear outline of what is completed and how far along we are.